Hello There

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. The site is still new, so please forgive me if there are some buggy spots.

A quick introduction: I'm Allison Kraft, and I write books. I like stories that have a little romance, a little humor, and a little fantasy—especially the paranormal. Vampires, witches and ghosts are my particular favorites, and you'll usually find at least one (if not more) in my novels. For a longer bio, see my About Me page. For the bullet points, keep reading.

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Random facts about me

  • I grew up near Chicago, but now call the Gulf coast of Florida home
  • I've been writing for a little over 10 years and am about to publish my first novel (hence the shiny new website)
  • I've dabbled in web design (self taught since 1995) and graphic design (also mostly self taught, but I've recently taken a few online courses to expand my knowledge.)
  • I love animals, cats most of all. I consider myself a future crazy cat lady and am not ashamed to admit it. I currenly have four: two pairs of sisters, all tortoiseshells and all adorable.
  • I'm fascinated by ancient Egypt. Seeing the pyramids in person a few years ago was the trip of a lifetime, and I hope one day to see the ancient sites in Greece and Rome as well.
  • I have a weird thing for historic disasters. I'm majorly obsessed with the Titanic (Gee, guess what my first novel is about?), and one of these days I will see the ruins of Pompeii in person.
  • I love to travel, and wish I could afford to do it more. Paris (or anywhere in France, really) is my favorite destination so far.
  • Most recent hobbies include photography and genealogy. (I'm a mixture of Czech, German, Irish and English, with a dash of French and Scottish for added flavor.)
  • I love cemeteries; the older, the better. I'm weird that way.
  • I'm a voracious reader. I generally read over 100 books a year.
  • I love purple. Seriously. It borders on obsession. I would marry purple if one could marry a color... except that would be weird and creepy.
  • I tend to ramble, so don't expect very many short blog posts.

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